Project Case

Villa project

  Promise to provide the best of fine stone which stem from nature. Mastone is thriving for its quality stone. With the advanced manufacturing equipments, strong production capacity and skilled production process, we improve continuously the quality of our stone products and meet the different requirements of our customers. Following the concept of “Keeping perfection more perfect”, Mastone  does its best in no matter every sector of stone production or every detail of services, strive to offer the most beautiful stones to customers and create a glorious future for the stone industry and Mastone.
  The company self-runs import marble and granite, and mainly engaged in luxury slabs from Turkey, Brazil, India and Italy. Besides, there are 6 marble special exhibitions in the main market of Shuitou, with an inventory of 200,000 square meters and 20,000 tons of blocks. It is the first supplier of home decoration and engineering procurement.