Company Profile

The headquarters of Maishi Stone Industry is located in Shuitou, China, the world's stone capital. We gather resources to enjoy our advantages and carve stone craftsmanship. We are a comprehensive stone supplier that integrates market, trade, mining, and processing. We have clear goals and precise positioning - we are only created to provide the most cost-effective natural luxury stones and serve the most high-quality homeowners.

Focusing on the field of luxury stones, Maishi has its own mine [cloisonne luxury stone], which is mainly engaged in more than 400 global natural luxury stones in Brazil, Italy, Türkiye, India, Iran, etc. The series of products are rare, rare, unique, and rich in inventory. The number of spot luxury stone slabs is up to 200000 square meters. While providing a powerful material library for high-end designers, it is also the first choice for luxury stone slab warehouses in commercial space and mansion projects.

Focusing on offline exhibition, Maishi has comprehensively arranged two major building materials exhibition and sales centers, Shuitou and Foshan. Taking the Shuitou headquarters as the core, we aim to create a material selection space of 20000 square meters for the "Fushan Maishi Light Luxury City", an art experience of "Maishi Cultural and Creative Art Museum" that blends five senses, and an integrated marketing "Jizhou Luxury Stone Shared Special Price Warehouse", covering all types of material selection circles. Taking Shunde, Foshan as the radiation, Maishi focuses on wholesale of luxury stone tabletop panels, providing high-end luxury stone furniture consumer groups with cost-effective panel materials, cross-border connectivity, and composing the beauty of home building materials.

Embracing online sales, we have established a mini program platform for material selection on the cloud - the Maishi Light Luxury City Mini Program, which facilitates online material selection, design applications, and collaborative promotion in different regions. We will meet you on the "cloud" end and enjoy the high-end luxury stone art culture together.

Looking forward to the future, Maishi will continue to upgrade its product display and application, extend its business philosophy of luxury stone culture and tourism, and deeply cultivate the concept of integrating process creation, soft decoration applications, tabletops, tea trays, and other soft decoration accessories; Create more stone culture and soulful stone products, allowing the beauty of stone to have more application space. Looking forward to creating a timeless classic with you!